LGBT Family Building


We at HQA love to help make the dream of one healthy baby come true for those on the journey through infertility. Though we strive to treat couples of all orientations equally, the truth is, our LGBT couples often have specific needs that aren’t often discussed in the fertility world. That ends today.

We’ll be addressing the most common questions and concerns raised by our LGBT couples, to help you gain insight into your specific fertility options and ensure a smoother decision process to better meet your unique needs.


Beginning the Journey

First and foremost, we highly recommended all couples, regardless of orientation, be tested prior to starting your journey. This is simply to comply with FDA regulations and identify any potential fertility issues moving forward.

Once it’s time to begin your fertility journey, one of the most important steps you can take is to find the perfect fertility team for you. The right team will be knowledgeable, provide high-quality services, and offer a wealth of options, of course; but most of all, the perfect team will be kind, compassionate, and understanding of your and your partner’s unique needs while providing unyielding care and support regardless of orientation.

HQA is the preferred provider for LGBTQ couples in both New Mexico and Colorado. We welcome couples of all orientations and provide them with the individualized care that each patient deserves. That said, we do make the extra effort to educate and guide our LGBT couples through the specific factors and options unique to them.

When it’s time to begin the process with our clinic, we welcome our LGBT couples to call us for a free HQA consult. There, we will discuss your needs and concerns while setting the plan in motion on your way to one healthy baby.


Gay Couples

For our same-sex male couples, specific options include an egg donor for IVF services as well as finding a gestational carrier (GC). This process allows sperm from one of the men to create an embryo with a donor egg. Afterward, a GC will carry the pregnancy to term until your new baby is born.

Another method is intrauterine insemination, or IUI, a treatment option in which sperm is placed directly inside a carrier’s uterus to increase the likelihood of fertilization.

With these treatment options, it’s important to determine who will provide the sperm, as sperm cannot be mixed or combined in any way. However, the sperm from each man can be used to create two separate embryos, which allows each husband to father a child—either at different times or by using two separate carriers.


Lesbian Couples

For our same-sex female couples, sperm donation in conjunction with IVF is a fantastic option. With IVF, one partner’s eggs can be extracted and fertilized with donor sperm, before being implanted into the other partner’s uterus. This allows both women to become mothers of their child.

Alternatively, if only one woman seeks to become a biological mother, donor sperm can be inserted directly into the uterus, a process known as intrauterine insemination (IUI) which promotes fertilization and pregnancy success.


Common Concerns

Some common questions we receive at HQA specific to our LGBT couples:

Where do donor eggs, sperm, and/or gestational carriers come from?

We use third party services, such as An Eggceptional Match to find the perfect fit for your family.

Alternatively, if a same-sex female couple wishes to use the sperm of someone they know, it will need to be quarantined for 6 months and undergo a series of pre- and post- tests prior to use.

Can my husband/wife/partner be with me during the visit?

Yes! We not only welcome partners to attend all visits, we encourage it!

What legal issues should we address during the process?

All legal issues should be handled prior to beginning the process of building your family. This can include the marriage of two partners, as well as adoption services when using a gestational carrier.

It’s also important to know that Colorado is a highly progressive state when it comes to our LGBT couples and their families. As such, hospitals are sensitive to issues of GC couples. We even have a boutique hospital which caters to these couples and their specific needs.

Services-LGBTWe make no distinction between heterosexual and homosexual couples and strongly feels that both should be treated equally and non-judgmentally, and without bias or prejudice. Loving families come in many forms and HQA FC is thrilled to be the clinic of choice for families of all kinds.

HQA Fertility Centers has been helping gay, lesbian and transgender individuals create the family of their dreams for years. Same-sex and transgender couples face different fertility options and issues than heterosexual couples who can attempt conception without any medical help. Typically, Lesbian couples require an outside source of sperm while gay men require both eggs and a carrier for the pregnancy.

Our treatment options include: donor sperm insemination, in vitro fertilization (IVF), egg donation and gestational carrier services. In addition, egg cryopreservation is available to preserve fertility for same-sex couples. Thanks to the availability of effective fertility procedures, same-sex couples have an excellent chance of achieving pregnancy.