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HQA FC Family of Services


Our all-inclusive HQA Optimized Practices™ (HQA-OPs™) offer a diverse range of fertility treatments which are customized for your specific needs. We work with your doctors, in your town to achieve your goals of One Healthy Baby™.

We are dedicated to a team approach which allows us to perform at the most advanced levels of IVF care; giving you the highest-quality reproductive health care available.

HQA FC IVF treatment plans provide all the same diagnostic and treatment procedures offered by others at a fraction of the cost. Through our partner relationships, you not only receive the highest quality services, you receive a truly affordable treatment.

HQA FC services include state of the art sperm and egg testing, blood work, and ultrasounds.

Discounted Medication: Specific medications and supplements will be prescribed based upon your needs.

Egg Retrieval: Egg retrieval normally takes place via a vaginal procedure.
Vitrification (freezing) of all embryos prior to transfer, is a procedure scientifically proven to improve reproductive outcomes.

Preimplantation Genetics Screening (PGS): An option to increase your chances of finding a healthy embryo, PGS is a viable option for you. PGS increases the chance of a healthy pregnancy for all age groups, reduces the likelihood miscarriage, and allows for single embryo transfer which avoids the added health complications of twin or triplet pregnancies.

Frozen Embryo Transfer: Ultrasound guided transfers of frozen embryos.

Pregnancy Blood Test: Our goal, One Healthy Baby™.

Egg Donor and Surrogacy Service
An Eggceptional Match

– Egg Donor and Surrogacy



– Biological storage


East Winds AcupunctureEastWinds

– Acupuncture


Garcia LaboratoriesGarciaLabs

– Male fertility testing and processing


Genesis GeneticsGenesis Genetics

– Genetic Screening & Diagnosis



– Molecular and Specialized Genetic Screening



– Fertility testing


Reproductive Medicine & Fertility CenterRMFC

– Reproductive Medicine


Technical Conceptions
Technical Conceptions

– Assisted Reproductive Technology