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QuestionsWe have developed a unique family of partner services to provide you with the highest quality, affordable reproductive services available.

At HQA Fertility Centers, our goal is “One Healthy Baby™” (OHB). We understand that everyone is unique and requires a treatment plan just as unique in reaching their goal. Whether your obstacle is infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, or your interest is in exploring other family building options such as donor egg, donor sperm, or gestational carrier/surrogacy, HQA FC will customize your treatment utilizing our partner network (aka HQA Optimized Practice™) and the latest advances and techniques in reproductive care.

Dr. Magarelli and the HQA Fertility Centers make babies acheivable

Thank you to the HQA team and Dr. Mag for helping us make our sweet little ladies!
– Kari and Craig Hackbarth

We work with couples of all sexual orientations, as well as single individuals looking to start their own family.
We will partner with you through every step of the process to ensure an understanding of all procedures and the chances for a successful outcome.
We understand that not all women want or have a partner, so Egg Freezing is always an option at HQA FC.

You should always feel informed, empowered, and actively involved. You will be provided with all the information you need to ensure your are comfortable with your procedure and pace.

We have helped thousands achieve their goal of One Healthy Baby™. We will be right by your side on your journey towards a healthy family.


HQA FC has outstanding pregnancy rates across all age groups and has consistently achieved high IVF pregnancy rates (see www.CDC.gov).

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