Egg-Embryo Freezing

Planning ahead...


Vitrification - Egg Freezing for FETHow does it work? HQA FC will test your ovarian reserve with a blood test. If you have a sexual partner, both you and your partner must be tested for a battery of diseases that may interfere with your pregnancy or the baby’s health. Once cleared, we will then do a modified IVF cycle…simply give you injectable medications, monitor you for about 12 days with ultrasounds and blood work, then remove the eggs through the vagina while you are “asleep’ under anesthesia. Once we have the eggs, they will then be vitrified, (flash frozen in liquid nitrogen) and stored. We believe that they can be stored for over 25 years!

Women release 1,000 each month until they run out of eggs = menopause. If a women does not have a partner to create embryos and is not ready for creating a family she may want to store her eggs for future use. The reason for storing is because, not only does a woman’s egg numbers decline to zero over time, the likelihood of finding a normal egg declines even more so. So, if a woman saves eggs when she is younger, she will have a potential that is greater for creating One Healthy Baby!