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How often do you find that Medical Doctors appreciate the value of eastern medicine?


How often do surgeons refer patients to you because they know that acupuncture therapy is beneficial to their patients?


Or, do you find that many MDs follow the patterns of our pharmacology-first society?


Dr. Paul Magarelli knows firsthand the value of oriental reproductive medicine. He and Diane Cridennda founded the Cridennda-Magarelli Acupuncture protocol (CMAP) which involves 8-9 acupuncture treatments during the four weeks leading up to egg retrieval.


Dr. Magarelli has seen the increased success of complimenting IVF treatment with eastern medicine. Acupuncture therapy is instrumental to the high-quality portion of Dr. Magarelli’s approach to high-quality, affordable, fertility care, as are advanced services like Comprehensive Chromosome Screening and Freeze All IVF cycles.


To make IVF affordable, HQA Fertility Centers offers these services for a third or a quarter of what most IVF clinics in the country charge, and Dr. Mag wants to make HQA FC’s services even more accessible to the patients of ABORM fellows.


HQA Fertility Centers is offering a free-consult and a $250 discount off of HQA services to those patients referred by ABORM fellows.


Your patients who have not been able to afford high-quality IVF finally have a fair-cost option right here in Colorado.

This is a token of appreciation from Dr. Magarelli to ABORM members and all they do to serve the infertility community!
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