LGBT Family Building


Services-LGBTWe make no distinction between heterosexual and homosexual couples and strongly feels that both should be treated equally and non-judgmentally, and without bias or prejudice. Loving families come in many forms and HQA FC is thrilled to be the clinic of choice for families of all kinds.

HQA Fertility Centers has been helping gay, lesbian and transgender individuals create the family of their dreams for years. Same-sex and transgender couples face different fertility options and issues than heterosexual couples who can attempt conception without any medical help. Typically, Lesbian couples require an outside source of sperm while gay men require both eggs and a carrier for the pregnancy.

Our treatment options include: donor sperm insemination, in vitro fertilization (IVF), egg donation and gestational carrier services. In addition, egg cryopreservation is available to preserve fertility for same-sex couples. Thanks to the availability of effective fertility procedures, same-sex couples have an excellent chance of achieving pregnancy.